Mike Day and The Art of Weddings

Photographer Mike Day is an expert visual storyteller who knows how to capture life’s special occasions with style and grace. Through The Art of Weddings, he brings a candid, documentary approach to weddings, portraits and family photos. He consistently earns 5‑star ratings from clients who praise both the quality of his photography and his fun, calm, easy-to-work-with manner.

“Absolutely gorgeous wedding photography”

On your wedding day, you want to enjoy the experience. You want wedding photographs that convey the joy and magic of this precious occasion. Now and when you look back in the future, your pictures will be touchstones for the memories you created. Whether your day unfolds effortlessly or bumps up against the unexpected, you need an experienced photographer who can overcome obstacles, adjust on the fly and provide amazing images without a trace that anything stressful ever occurred.

With 20 years of professional experience, Mike Day has covered well over 500 weddings at more than 100 venues in Toronto, southern Ontario and beyond. He can help you ensure that every meaningful moment of your wedding – from the vows to the loving exchanges among family and friends – is expertly, artfully recorded.

“I can’t tell you how many people told us our pictures are the nicest ones they’ve ever seen.”

With his documentary approach, Mike Day skilfully captures both planned and spontaneous moments as they unfold. He tells the story of your wedding, anticipating opportunities, finding the most appealing locations, and adjusting to anything unexpected.

“He was great with our guests, whether he was taking large group shots or taking pictures of families and their little children.”

Mike will put you at ease with his trademark British humour. On what can be a nerve-wracking day, he has a calming and kind presence. Considerate and professional, his unhurried approach allows events to happen naturally. Group shots are taken with light direction, allowing personalities to shine.

“A photographer who makes you feel comfortable…and documents all the important stuff at an affordable price.”

During your wedding, Mike works in the background, patiently observing, anticipating situations and documenting the day as it unfolds. It’s an approach that enables him to capture those emotional and intimate exchanges between the bride and groom, and among friends and family. From the laughter, the tears, hugs and embraces, to the tender kisses and assuring glances, every moment is recorded in beautiful images to tell the unique story of your wedding.